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I am lucky enough to live with three beautiful, sexually open Chinese girls while going to graduate school. I am wise enough to know that I am having the time of my life and I want to make sure I chronicle it faithfully.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


When I met the girls initially, they had never watched an R-rated movie, let alone an X-rated one, let alone a hard-core porn flick. Wei was the first one I "polluted", so to speak, when I got her to watch "Tinsel Town". When I lent her the video, I told her that it was a highly romantic movie with some scenes that graphically illustrate the expression of affection between men and women. The movie actually shows a woman having to grant sexual favors to strangers to advance her movie career, another woman who likes to see her husband engage in sexual relationships with other women, and a third who was overwhelmed with sex for the sake of sex (she gets involved in a gang bang towards the end, where she is imbibing a penis while someone else is performing coitus on her), etc.

The next day, after Wei watched the movie (by herself -- I was not living with her at the time), she seemed amused by it all and laughed as she gave me back the tape. After that, I kep feeding her more porno movies and she seemed to enoy them. She told me that she masturbated sometimes while watching them, but she got her mileage mainly aftweards, re-enacting the scenes she saw in her head. Her favorite actor was Rocco Sifferdi, and the one she found least attractive was Ron Jeremy.

I myself got my thrills mainly from the thought of having taken a sexually naive and innocent girl and introduced her to the world of dirty pornography. Just that thought and the image of Wei masturbating while watching Rocco was enough to make me masturbate.

It was Wei who introduced the other two to porn, and the rest is history, as they say....

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Coital action....

It has been almost a month since my last post. Quite a bit has happened, although more of the good, beautiful same. A great deal of coitus with my girls. We went through a shaving phase, where I had them shave off all of their pubic hair. That lasted about a week, during which I did a lot of vaginal licking and raw penetration. During that week, I avoided engaging in affactive behavior -- no hugging or kissing, not even smiling. It was raw naked penetration almost for the sake of penetration. I instructed the girls to focus their stare on my penis and their respective vaginas. It was hardest for Don-Dong, who likes to have her sex while fixing her stare on my eyes. But I purposefully forced them to focus on the biology of our act, to get them thinking a bit about the rawness of what we are doing.

I instructed them to stop shaving last week and we should resume as per normal shortly. We are taking a break this week -- Dong-Dong and Wei are having their period. I'm giving Lilly a break and so I will be mainly masturbating this week.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tuna night

We ended up staying in last night. We ordered two Hunan Chickens and two Hunan shrimps, ate them in a hurry, all four of us drinking Pepsi and burping loudly, and laughing (a couple of times Wei laughed so much she farted), then cleaned up, brought out the Merlot and laid down on the carpet quietly sipping our wine. We laid down like that for a few minutes, all of us happy. Of course, I had a strong erection and was feeling horny, but I paced myself, waiting for my horniness to peek. Then, I quietly took my pants off, loudly spit on my right hand, and started masturbating aggressively, sitting up to take on the sight of three beautiful Chinese ladies – and friends to boot – available for me to indulge in at will. As if on cue, the girls started taking off their clothes.

"I want to smell pussy," I started whispering haltingly. "I want some smelly tuna!" Lilly was the first to open her legs and expose her dark vagina, sitting on the coffee table. I dug my long nose into her harsh, brown pussy lips and then dipped my long tongue. It did smell like tuna, as always.

Wei -- large and generous Wei -- was on the ground, her shaved vagina also inviting me. "Slap it," I ordered her, "spit on it and slap it hard!" She did, glaring at me. Dong-Dong was already in full swing, smelling my asshole and caressing my balls. Dong-Dong's pussy is by far the strongest smelling vagina I have ever come again, and the one I always needed to be very horny to bear. Otherwise it was downright repulsive. And that night it smelled like dead sardines. That is usually the reason why I always hasten to screw Dong-Dong, to plug the stench so to speak. And last night was no exception.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Double decker

This afternoon I brought jealousy week to an abrupt halt. When I came home for lunch, Dong-Dong and Lilly were at home but Wei was not. I immediately rounded the two to the living room, had them remove their clothes, stacked them one on top of the other, Dong-Dong of course on top, facing me, and proceeded to penetrate them, alternately. Beside asking them to the living room -- and even then I barely spoke to them and merely said, "let's go", pulling them by the hand -- I hardly exchanged a word with them. But we were all three of us smiles and tender looks. The fornication went on for half an hour, with both girls almost screaming with sex, when Wei came home. She paused at the door, somewhat taken aback by the scene. I didn't stop or even slow down when I locked eyes with her, but just smiled. "Take your clothes off and sit there," I said, pointing to the lazy boy to my left. "Your job is to masturbate as hard as you can." Then I turned to Dong-Dong and Lilly and asked them to repeat, "the masturbation, the masturbation." Dong-Dong was overwhelmed with sex as she repeated the phrase. She loved and appreciated how I understood the power of language to turn women on. She kept repeating the phrase and kissing me -- or rather, sucking my lips very hard -- as she chanted.

It was a sweet end to jealousy week. This evening, we are going to go watch a movie -- probably, "All The King's Men," although the critics are saying it is somewhat shaky. We'll see.....

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Jealousy week

I have spent the last ten days almost exclusively with Wei, intentionally ignoring and slighting the other two. I am scarcely talking to them, and when I do throw a word or two their way, it is to order them angrily to pick up something from the ground or to clean up after themselves.

Usually, when we watch TV, I snuggle with all of them on the sofa, carefully distributing my caresses and whispers evenly among them. This week, I have been snuggling only with Wei, at times engaging in long French kissing sessions, whispering to her -- but loud enough so that the other two girls can hear -- how I love her and find her beautiful. And once, while we were all sitting watching "Law and Order", I took off my pants, slipped off her panties, shot a couple of powerful, loud spits onto her pussy, and started screwing her right in front of the other two, glaring at Wei with lust and spitting into her mouth -- my hallmark act of kink. This was too much for Dong-Dong and she got up in a huff and went to her room. Lilly just kept watching the movie, pretending to ignore us.

I will keep the jealousy bit up for a couple more days and then cash in the big emotional pay off when I reconcile with the girls. It is going to be a kinky weekend. The pent-up energy released always makes the girls horny and sexually aggressive.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dong-Dong the Tiger

Last time I weighed them, she tipped the scale at 94 pounds. But at 5 feet 2 inches tall, though, she looks slim more than skinny. She has respectable hips, surprisingly full breasts, clean, even teeth, straight hair, and what I call a conventional Chinese face -- not plain but not sugary pretty. She has very thick pubic hair that shockingly extends half-way to her belly button and reeks of a strong smell of pussy, with arm-pits that need daily shaving to keep from going out of control. By far, she is the most fired up sexually. She masturbates daily, almost without fail, and usually two or three times a day. Of the three, she is the most creative about the possibilities at our disposal and the one, even more than me, always pushing the limit. She is the first one that offered anal intercourse, the first one who swallowed semen, and the first one to go down on a pussy. And she just loves to be screwed. Unlike the other girls, she is the one who seems to remember, so to speak, just how good it feels to have a penis inside of you and actively seeks to get as much screwing done as possible. So, whenever I come home and she the only one in the apartment, it is almost an unspoken rule that we must screw right there and then. I have almost never had to convince her to open her legs, as it were. A look, sometimes a simple rise of the eyebrow, and she is ready.

Of all people, the one person she admires is the porn star Annabel Chong, the one who infamously engaged in a very large gangbang involving dozens of men. The girls and I watched the video of that gang-bang, a bleak and unsexy affair, and one the few videos where we ended up not coming over. But Dong-Dong loved how Annabel conducted herself, and the attitude she had of being friendly and assertive at the same time. Afterwords, she did a Google on her and read about how Annabelle was a very smart, highly educated woman, with radical feminist ideas, and how her gang-bang video was allegedly more of a statement than anything else. I don't know how much I want to believe that.... But in any case, we got to watch that documentary made about Annabel, and it really hooked Dong-Dong on Annabel. We have watched DVDs by Annabel Chong since, and the one we liked the most is the one where they screw a football team. And again, Annabbelle was the leader, the free spirited one with a zest for enjoying her sex.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kicking things off

The evening at the Korean restaurant turned out to be peaceful and pleasant. The lady boss wasn't there. What a relief. We spent an hour and a half there, mainly chatting about the coming semester, the workload ahead, and the pain of having to take class again. I did manage to slip in a few long stares at each of the girls in turn, just to remind them and keep them tuned up, so to speak. And every time, each one of them blushed.

On our way back, we stopped at the video store and I picked up a Rocco movie: "Rocco in Poland". Rocco is our favorite porn star (followed by Peter North and Ron Jeremy). We then stopped by the ABC store and picked up a large Merlot.

As our routine goes, the girls had their showers, spruced up and planted themselves smack in front of the TV, each plumped on her bean bag, completey naked, with legs wide open and ready to begin masturbation. I sat on the sofa behind them, also naked with a bottle of baby oil on the side.

The movie turned out to be something of a diasppointment, given the expectations. The girls seemed a bit disconcerted about a couple of scenes where the girls in the movie seemed to be exploited a bit. A turn off for me as well. But there were some good parts and the girls all managed to have their orgasms. Don-Dong, of course, had a couple of loud ones, getting so excited at some point that she she started slapping her pussy and spitting at it, Dong-Dong's hallmark gesture when she is at the peak of her excitement. Wei, the largest of the bunch, also came, but she didn't seem to be into it. Of the three, she is the most sensitive. Lilly also didn't seem to be that much engaged, but, as always a trooper, she played her part, masturbated in good faith, came, and then stood up and declared that she was tired and needed to go to sleep. I was so turned on by her attitude that I ejaculated right there and then, my eyes locked on her round face, my nostrils wide, my mouth open and my tongue wagging with lust -- splattering my chest with a surprsingly powerful gush!

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